Laundry, Dirty and Otherwise (A diatribe on the DVDs I’ve included and those I haven’t)

While I have a number of hard-to-find Silent Films from companies that offer them on DVD-r, I've decided, at least for the moment, that the site will only include those Silent Films that are available on pressed DVDs, either Region Free or Region 1.

All of the films represented on the site are in my personal collection, which, while fairly extensive, may not include every Silent title released on DVD or laserdisc.

Some notes about the essays

Many of the essays discuss the films at length, therefore revealing much of the plot.  Be aware.


Were Silent Films Really Silent?

My musings on music

Silent  Films were never really silent and blah blah blah, yada yada yada... Yes, we know that silent films were always presented with some kind of musical accompaniment.  A tinkling piano, perhaps an organ; if you were lucky (and rich), maybe even a full-blown orchestra.  So, yes, silents were never silent, and that edict is true even now with silents on DVD.

With very few exceptions, the scores accompanying the silents on DVD are marvelous.  If you stick to the “rule” that film music shouldn’t be noticed for itself, but instead, should enhance the viewing experience, more often then not, the scores on the DVDs fit that bill to a “T”.  Those of us who love silent film owe a great deal of thanks to the likes of Composers/Arrangers/Performers such as (but certainly not limited to, and in no particular order): the Alloy Orchestra; David Sosin; Robert Israel; Rodney Sauer and the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra; Timothy Brock; Eric Beheim; William perry; Phil Carli; Carl Davis; and a host of others including the incomparable Gaylord Carter.  Many thanks to you all!


Where’s the essay?

I started out writing these goofy essays back in the days of Laserdiscs; simple concise thoughts, really, mainly for my own amusement.  I continued writing the essays when DVDs arrived and tried to make them a little more critical.  Silent DVDs started coming out fast and furious (at least for somebody who buys each and every one), and I tried to keep up with not only viewing the films, but writing something a little coherent as well; and I did pretty well, PC hard drive went kaputt!  I lost nearly a year’s worth of work (and learned to back up everything, even, what were at the time, silly little musings).  Gone were the reviews of Buster Keaton’s DVDs, the wonderful Kino Erich von Stroheim and Fritz Lang DVDs,  many of the Murnau films (including Sunrise,  I try to watch and review films grouped by director or actor), as well as a plethora of other essays, which I hope to re-write soon. However, I feel I should revisit each film before re-writing another essay (never a bad thing, re-watching these gems), but I’m also trying to keep up with the recently released (or at least recently acquired by me) films, too.  All of the titles on the List By Title page are of DVDs/Laser Discs that I currently own and will, at some point, have some kind of essay posted.  I hope.


By the way, after tossing the PC, I bought a MAC, and a happier guy I am because of it!